Have you always wondered why all those celebrities are in great shape? Why they all have that perfect body? To tell you a secret: they all got a little help here and there and they all have their little beauty secrets to get their bodies in shape.

But no worries you can get the same body as your favorite celebrity. I am here to reveal all hollywood's secrets to get that body you always dreamed off.

I live in Hollywood myself, in the middle where all the magic is happening. From movie stars to rockstars to Victoria secret models to the most famous singers. I grew up in Antwerp diamond city in Belgium after I moved to Los Angeles I discovered a lot about how to get my body more in shape. I learned about work out exercises, nutrition, and ofcourse all those little hollywood secrets that can help you to get your body faster in shape. Today I am here to share all those little secrets with you. Especially for my Belgian friends, fans and family. I am maybe miles away, but I didn't forget about you guys. Enjoy my website, Ig and Facebook xxxxx Debby